ClearCorrect Braces

Are you looking for an Orthodontist or braces provider near Victoria Airport? At Mickleham Dental, our family dentist provides comprehensive ClearCorrect orthodontics for adults and teens. These clear plastic aligners make it easy for you to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing that you’re wearing braces.

Advantages of Clear Braces

With ClearCorrect you can improve the alignment and appearance of your teeth with custom fitted trays. No metal brackets or wires are necessary!

You may want to consider clear braces for:

• Freedom to eat your favourite foods

• Improved oral hygiene

• An “invisible” alternative to traditional orthodontics

• Comfortable aligners that are custom-made for your teeth

How Do Invisible Braces Work?

Each set of ClearCorrect aligners gently shifts your teeth into better alignment before being changed out with the next set of aligners to progress your tooth movement. Every two weeks or so, you change the aligners out until the full results are achieved.

Caring for Your Removable Braces

One of the biggest advantages of ClearCorrect other than their “invisible” design is that they are very easy to care for. Just remove them when you brush and floss, rinse them with lukewarm tap water to remove any debris and then brush them with a soft toothbrush.When you aren’t wearing your aligners (such as during a meal) be sure to store them in a protective case to prevent accidentally misplacing or losing them.

Am I A Candidate for ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is ideal for adults and teens with healthy teeth and gums and who are committed to wearing their aligners for at least 22 hours a day. The treatment works best for problems involving mild to moderate crowding and misalignment. However, even large gaps or jetted-out teeth can be corrected!

Find out if you’re a candidate for ClearCorrect by scheduling a consultation at our Tullamarine practice near Victoria Airport and Gladstone Park. Many of our patients also come from the Gowanbrae and Broadmeadows areas. With comprehensive dental care and clear braces available in one single location, it’s never been easier for you to enjoy a straighter smile. Schedule your visit with us today!