Dental care for children

At Mickleham Dental we believe that is a best for parents to introduce their child to professional dental care from the age of three. This can include watching a parent have their teeth cleaned, or having a ride in the dental chair to have their own baby teeth counted and polished with a soft brush. The experience is a positive one and is encouraged with each subsequent appointment.

This process of familiarisation allows your child to grow with little or no anxiety about visiting the dentist. Having a bad experience at the dentist at a young age often results in a fear of dental care in later years and can be detrimental to their health.

If your child is already anxious, we offer patience, time and the soft approach of our experienced team as the solution. All of our staff are mums themselves and can demonstrate empathy and compassion while treating your child.

Dental Treatment for children that we offer includes the following:
⦁    Comprehensive examinations (including x-rays if needed)
⦁    Tooth coloured fillings for adult and baby teeth
⦁    Fissure Sealants (protective coating on adult molars that can help prevent future decay)
⦁    Flouride treatment
⦁    Clean and polish
⦁    Extractions of baby teeth
⦁    Sports mouthguards

Mickleham Dental also accepts the Medicare Bulk-billed Child Dental Benefit vouchers from eligible families. Visit our CDBS page on this website for more details.