Experience Tooth Reshaping with Dental Lumineers in Victoria

Lumineers are no-preparation / minimal-preparation veneers that require no tooth reshaping. Each one mimics the appearance of a perfectly straight tooth and are cemented over your natural teeth. Placed side by side, Lumineers are an affordable way to transform your smile in just a couple of short visits to our Tullamarine dental practice.

Advantages of Lumineers

What makes Lumineers different to traditional porcelain veneers is that they require little to no tooth preparation for them to be placed. All of your healthy enamel is left intact and no reshaping is necessary. No-preparation veneers are also reversible, if you ever choose to have them removed there is no need to put another restoration in their place.

As affordable cosmetic veneers, Lumineers can easily fit into your budget for a full-smile makeover. We frequently recommend them for correcting minor cases of:

• Tooth misalignment

• Misshaped teeth

• Uneven, worn, or chipped enamel

• Discolouration and staining

The Treatment Experience

After your consultation, all that you need to get started is a mold of your teeth. The models that we create will be sent to Lumineers laboratories where your customised veneers are created. You can even have input on the exact colouration, shading, and shape of your new smile.

About two weeks later, you will return to our office to have the Lumineers cemented to your teeth. Since no reshaping is necessary, you will likely not need any local anaesthesia. The process is extremely comfortable!

Disadvantages of Lumineers

Due to their design, Lumineers can make certain teeth look bulky. This is due to the fact that the veneer is placed directly over unprepared enamel. If your teeth are already a bit larger or protrude, Lumineers may not be recommended. Traditional porcelain veneers would be more appropriate.

Find out if Lumineers are right for you by contacting Mickleham Dental in Tullamarine today to schedule a consultation. We’re conveniently located close to Broadmeadows, Gowanbrae and Gladstone Park near Victoria Airport. New patients are always welcome.