Dental Emergencies

Top Notch Emergency Dental Care in Victoria

Mickleham Dental is experienced with emergency cases and has allocated time each day for emergency dental treatment. Dental pain can be a debilitating and frustrating experience for you or your loved one. It is recommended that you visit a dentist when experiencing any pain or discomfort. Whether your problem stems from a toothache, a broken or chipped tooth or wisdom tooth pain, we aim to always treat the cause of the discomfort and alleviate the symptoms. We assess your situation and provide emergency treatment to settle any discomfort or sensitivity. Should a referral to any specialist be required, we will refer you to the best emergency dental specialists Victoria has to offer.

We understand that not all emergencies occur during office hours. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Tullamarine then give the team at Mickleham Dental a call. After hours emergency appointments can also be arranged by calling the practice mobile 0499 DENTAL.

Why choose Emergency Dentists at Mickleham Dental

Remember that prevention is better than cure. Ensuring that you and your family have a dental check-up every six months will help to reduce the risk of having any dental problems go untreated and cause toothache or other problems. At Mickleham Dental we reward our patients that have private health insurance with dental extras cover by offering them no gap payment on preventative treatments including a comprehensive oral examination, x-rays, professional clean and application of fluoride. If you do not have private health insurance we do offer promotions at different times of the year on preventative care. Call us today and ask about our specials.