Dental Emergencies

Toothache is the most common dental emergency, however people sometimes have other problems needing urgent attention such as a broken tooth, swelling, trauma etc. Toothache usually results from tooth decay. Our dentists are able to diagnose your condition and start your treatment utilising our same day emergency dental appointment slot. We serve as emergency dentists for a multitude of Victoria northern suburbs including Craigieburn, Victoria airport, Strathmore, Airport West, Attwood, Sunbury, Essendon and provide urgent same day toothache treatment. We often provide phone advice and will schedule you an appointment. Online bookings are available, however not all bookings are available online so you can call us if a different urgent time slot is desired. After hours dental care can also be provided.


Smile Makeover

If you are seeking treatment options to refresh, revive and renew your smile then Mickleham Dental can help. A smile makeover is designed to give you treatment options specifically for people who are not happy with the appearance of their teeth. Our smile makeovers are best suited to patients who are wanting a quick and complete aesthetic transformation. We are able to correct problems such as:
• Chipped or fractured teeth
• Stained or discoloured teeth
• Gaps between teeth
• Missing teeth.


Dental care for children

At Mickleham Dental we encourage children over three (sometimes over two) years of age to have regular dental checkups to help prevent tooth decay. We also provide education to children on importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.  For all children with extra’s cover we offer no gap dentistry for most general dental care needs. (Ask for our  children’s no gap policy).Decay of tooth can result in small cavities in tooth called as caries. These are usually very small to begin with and you may not feel any symptoms at that stage. Some people experience tooth sensitivity; brief pain in tooth at this stage. This is easily treatable with tooth coloured fillings. At Mickleham dental; your family dentist around Strathmore we specialise in using high quality composites sourced from Australian dealers.


General Dentistry

At Mickleham Dental we offer a wide and varied range of general dental procedures. Our primary goal is the maintenance, cleaning and repair of teeth. This is a crucial part of medicine, as the health of the teeth and gums is closely linked with heart health, proper nutrition and overall health and general wellbeing. Here are just a few of the services we provide:
Comprehensive examination and consultation
Comprehensive Oral examination can prevent the need for major dental work in the future. This is more pleasant and cost effective for you, rather than allowing problems to go on undetected, requiring more extensive treatment.