Teeth whitening without sensitivity.

Most tooth whitening systems result in patients getting excess sensitivity. Many teeth whitening gels come pre-activated (meaning no need for harmful UV / LASER

Teeth whitening results. End results is multiple shades lighter
Teeth whitening results. End results is multiple shades lighter

light to activate) and some need to be activated by UV light ( light cured). Our anecdotal experience suggests that some light activated systems lead to higher tooth sensitivity (h0t / cold)  in patients.

We offer both these systems however favour the pre-activated system which does not need further work in form of activation.  In simple words research shows that light activation does NOT improve your teeth whitening. This equally applies to laser teeth whitening as well.  (reference cited below – see image). At Mickleham Dental we believe in evidence based teeth whitening and do not wish to mislead members of public.  In case (unlikely) you prefer light activated teeth whitening this is also available at our practice.

Teeth whitening laser - sensitivity UV light

Prior to teeth whitening our dentists confirm your suitability. If you need any temporary fillings or restorations these are discussed prior to teeth whitening. Our teeth whitening packages are priced at a special presently

We offer two forms

$ 350 for in office teeth whitening (45 minute – 60 minute appointment) – usual response at least 3 shades lighter.  (includes X-Ray, fluoride application, desensitisation  pre and post treatment  and free consultations )

$ 299 Take home teeth whitening (including two trays, material to last many weeks)

These above treatments can be combined at a special price of 595$.

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